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Here's a battle where the Kid have to fend off a group of slayers known as SALVE

The SALVE are a militia of slayers...

They're kinda like STAG from Saint's Row: The Third if you heard of that game...

Battle test 1:…

Battle test 2:…

These SALVE guys might be the "Anti-Villians" in this game, I think....

Here's the theme for when you battle them, it's from Newgrounds:…

I do not own the music I used for this fight! it's from

Also, I think a have a bit of what the story can be about in the game...  The undead children are orphans but also they were actually offspring of some legendary heroes from different parts of the world...
Zerozero204 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
I get the feeling that these guys are supposed to look like City Guards or knights or something but instead they come off looking like Power Rangers villan goons. Too-skinny cannon-fodder that you encounter by the dozen.
Salve is not the singular of savior. What is the plural of salvation, anyway?
salve: a healing ointment, to remedy
salver: a tray on which articles are presented
If Salve is a millitia of slayers, were they going for Save but spelled it wrong? Do they get annoyed if you point out it's just one letter away from slave? So you've got a bunch of worked up loonies who name themselves after a mostly-worthless medical cream and try to kill the heroes... why? Well there is the whole mistaken for monsters thing. Because the Zombies rot instead of sunburn? Perhaps SALVE worships an unopened cask of medicinal sunburn cream.
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Submitted on
September 26, 2012