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RPG Maker Enemy mob Design
Zombie Kids RPG: Nemesis Boss Design by Basher-the-Basilisk
Zombie Kids RPG Boss design: Beelzebub by Basher-the-Basilisk
Death by Basher-the-Basilisk
SALVE Hover Tank by Basher-the-Basilisk
If you have any Ideas for my RPG gamelet me know
Coloured w/ shading
Ghoul Witch by Basher-the-Basilisk
Zombie Witch by Basher-the-Basilisk
Maxine's Hypnosis Trick by Basher-the-Basilisk
Coloured with shading and special effects.
Digital Coloured (No Shading)
Point Commission for TAPBagan by Basher-the-Basilisk
Commission: By the beach by Basher-the-Basilisk
Commission: Keynote by Basher-the-Basilisk
Pirate Gaz 2 by Basher-the-Basilisk
Pirate Mandy by Basher-the-Basilisk
Photoshopped and coloured with simple background or no Background
Traditional colored in drawing
A traditionally drawn it and colored picture...
Inked drawings that are scanned in Black and White Style and Cleaned through Photoshop
Sketch Drawing
Art trade for TraceMem by Basher-the-Basilisk
P. Comm: Nathalie and Kriemhilde by Basher-the-Basilisk
Un-Photoshopped Sketches



There's Adventure Time then there's Princess Bubblegum from Adventure time...

I'd like to request all fans of Adventure time and Princess Bubblegum fans to have Princess Bubblegum in "stink-slime"

She's wearing the science suit from the episode "The Real You"  This suit:
Princess Bubblegum in science suit. (Vector) by Eluvehnan… and…

She's also wearing a nose peg because of the foul odor of the stink slime...

Princess Bubblegum can either be Thigh-deep, waist-deep, chest-deep, or shoulder-deep.

PB in stinky stuff - clean by TheTransformTentacle
PB in stinky stuff - dirty by TheTransformTentacle

Optional Details:

- There can be a reason to why she's in the stink slime; for example, either be that she's testing out a new "stinkproof" coating and/or that she's trying to figure out what makes he stink slime so stinky...

- The stink slime can be bubbling

- her outfit is covered in the smelly stink slime as well

-also the stink slime is as what it's name implies, so it can have a smell effect coming off of it.
I apologize however if you are not taking requests at the moment...

I wish you luck.


Mostyn and Roza by Basher-the-Basilisk
Mostyn and Roza
Here are a few more of the Zombie Kids...

These 2 are also in a game I'm making....

Mostyn is a tinkerer from Wales and an expert in mechanics and artillery...

Roza is a sophisticated zombie from Russia, who apparently is obsessed with lolita fashion...

Name: Mostyn Llawen-Bantiau
Gender: Male
Species: Zombie (human)
Country: Wales (Briton and Welsh Heritage)
Interests: Tinkering with machines
Favorite Music Genre: Techno and Easy Listening music (ex: Chanson Pour Toi by Jack Alfred or Tooba Boogie by Otto Sieben)

Fighting style: Pencak Silat

Weapons specialty: Heavy artillery (Ex: RPG, Grenade Launcher, Minigun, Gatling gun, cannon)

:thumbsup:: Fluent in Mechanical babble & Expert Strategist

:thumbsdown:: Rumored to be the weakest of the zombie kids & Prefers winning through retreating strategy in hand-to-hand combat.


Name: Roza Lidochka
Gender: Female
Species: Zombie (human)
Country: Russia
Interests: Ballet, cosplaying, and elegant fashion
Favorite Music Genre: Classical and Easy Listening Music (especially that one lesser known song: The Drunkard's Song by Viktor Mastoridis)

Fighting style: Hapgido

Weapons Specialty: Whips (ex: Bullwhip, Cat o'nine tails, Meteor Hammer)

:thumbsup: and other strengths: Skilled Strategist like Mostyn

:thumbsdown: and other weaknesses: arguably agressive when threatened, Sophisticated, and stubborn


Other shared special Powers: See "Zombie Kids" basher-the-basilisk.deviantart…

Overall Strength(s): See "Zombie Kids" basher-the-basilisk.deviantart…

Overall Weakeness(es): See "Zombie Kids" basher-the-basilisk.deviantart…

They were among the zombie kids that once tried to join the KND which is Codenamed: Kids Next Door, but they were then Rejected! (Ouch!)


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